Hunter's Guide:

As we move closer to the event. We will be giving hints to the venues, challenges and general silliness involved. So keep coming back to the website....the Quest King will be posting!


  • The Venues all lie with Ybor City, between Nuccio and Columbia Restaurant (EtoW) and 7th Ave to 9th Ave (NtoS).
  • The venues consists of bars, clubs, restaurant and possible outside venue contributors.
  • The idea is to get through as many venues as you can. Remember, each venue has points that you have to earn. Points may be earned the following ways:
    • Successfully complete the CHALLENGE task.
  • Now you must use strategy. Is hitting as many venues as you can to collect points better or is completing every task at a venue before you hit the next venue better?
    • In one strategy, you hit them all, maybe not collecting the max at each
    • The other strategy, go get all the points, but you may not get to all the venues
  • Stay tuned for clues on the HOME PAGE!

Basic Preparation

  • Instead of bring a digital camera – this year with the use of the SOCIAL SCAVENGER app, photo challenges will be completed with you phones, however bring your cameras to track to your team’s silly antics
  • You can use a touch capable smart phone (IPhone or DRIOD). On your smart phone, download the free application  SOCIAL SCAVENGER. The application is in the ITUNES and ANDRIOD stores.
  • Now you must use strategy. Is hitting as many venues as you can to collect points better or is completing every task at a venue before you hit the next venue better?
    • Download the  SOCIAL SCAVENGER application and become familiar with it.
    • All members of your team can log into the same account and perform the challenges. Points will not count as double but will give you flexibility in answering questions and having a back-up phone.
    • For smart phone users, remember to choose a  SOCIAL SCAVENGER team name used for the account carefully and report the name on your registration sheet. Only teams officially registered will be counted.
  • Bring your friends and have them route you on in YBOR!


  • See Social Scavenger website for more information on how to use the mobile application.
  • Challenges must be completed for points.
  • To unlock a challenge, you must be physically be located at the venue. SOCIAL SCAVENGER through the phone’s GPS will verify your location and unlock the challenge.
  • Multiple phone can be logged into the same SOCIAL SCAVENGER account.
  • Once unlocked you will perform the challenge. Upon completion of the challenge, you will receive points.
  • Some challenges require outside judges to judge. Points will be awarded by them through SOCIAL SCAVENGER. So you may not immediately see points on your app.


  • Proceed to venues.
  • Unlock challenges.
  • Perform challenges.
  • Receive points.
  • Collect rewards and prizes.
  • SOCIAL SCAVENGER will Tally your points per venue and total score.


  • Now come on! Do you really think we would give anything away yet. We want to play...right?


  • Now dress comfortably.

  • Did I mention that there is a prize for the best costume? Sorry. We have a prize just for you. So dress to impress. Judges will be watching you! See some our awesome participants last year!

The Quest King will be back with more!